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About Buzzing Bug

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Prázdninová destinace

Hello dear readers,


I'm excited to welcome you, right here in the warm heart of Doha, Qatar. With my eager five-year-old son by my side, we are on a journey of discovery, not only through the fascinating landscapes of this city but through the colorful fabric of childhood.

Our lives are a bit like an open suitcase; you never know where we're going to go next! We are passionate travelers, constantly drawn to new places and cultures, and finding beauty in the unfamiliar.


Living in the blend of tradition and modernity, I have been inspired by the little things that make childhood magical from the smiles of new toys to the bedtime books to coming up with ideas for the cutest bedroom or playpen, it's all here.

So buckle up and join us as we explore the exciting world of parenting. Welcome to our little part of the internet!

 #AdventuresinLife #TipsThatMakeLifeBetter

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